19/04/2017 / News

April 2017 – USA & CANADA

The Quatuor Danel was on tour in Canada and the USA! After major success in Hamilton Ontario they made their Montréal debut in the Salle Bourgie of Musée des Beaux Arts. After that the tour took them to San Francisco California, Huntsville Alabama and Washington D.C.. It was a major succes. Washington asked them back … Read More

03/02/2017 / News

La Folle Journée

THÈME “LE RYTHME DES PEUPLES” Forme primitive de l’expression artistique, la danse est née du génie populaire. Très tôt cependant, elle influence la musique savante : dès le Moyen-Âge en effet, elle s’invite dans les cours princières et suscite la création des premiers orchestres. Dès lors, les compositeurs composent toujours en référence à la danse, … Read More

20/11/2016 / News

Open House

“The University of Manchester and its internationally-renowned resident string quartet, Quatuor Danel, invite you to join in another fantastic music-making opportunity. Everyone is welcome to participate in the event, which will feature coaching by individual members of the Quatuor Danel and Professor David Fanning, who will also take part in end-of-day discussions/workshops. Taking place 9-11 … Read More

14/08/2016 / News

Manchester University Season 12

“Manchester’s most adventurous chamber music season – the Quatuor Danel’s twelfth at the University – o ers a feast for lovers of Beethoven and contemporary music. The Quartet teams up with Psappha for Harrison Birtwistle’s colossal and rarely performed Pulse Shadows, together with three pieces by American minimalist Morton Feldman. Passionate renewals of the medium … Read More