24/08/2019 / News

New Release

Jean-Luc Votano, principal clarinet of the Liège Royal Philharmonic (OPRL), here presents a work by a ‘classic’ figure of the twentieth century, the Kammerkonzert for clarinet, string quartet and string orchestra of Karl Amadeus Hartmann (1930), along with two compositions of the twenty-first: Magnus Lindberg’s Clarinet Concerto, of which Votano gave the Belgian premiere with the OPRL, and Fantasme – Cercles de Mana by Johan Farjot. The latter work, scored for clarinet, viola, cello and orchestra, here receives its world premiere on disc before being performed to a concert hall audience. An album that admirably reflects the virtuosity and musicality of one of the OPRL’s principal soloists. https://outhere-music.com/en/albums/contemporary-clarinet-concertos-fug752