08/10/2017 / News

New Release

The Quatuor Danel Interprets Franck

In their performances of the complete Weinberg string quartets the French Quatuor Danel again probes the pieces with fiery intensity and again makes these interpretations a very gripping experience”. The gifted french musicians now turn to two masterpieces by César Franck: his passionate Piano Quintet and the String Quartet. The three-movement Quintet, like Brahms’s op. 34 an expansion of the Schumannian model, is a veritable musical volcano of such great fame that we need hardly pause to analyze it here. It immediately established itself, and a second performance with the pianist Marie Poitevin, the later dedicatee of the Prélude, Choral et Fugue, convinced the members of the Société Nationale. Thereafter famous quartet formations from France and Belgium saw to the dissemination of the work. Franck’s String Quartet, his last major work, was similarly acclaimed by its first listeners. After its first performance in April 1890, with tears in his eyes, César Franck is said to have told his pupil Vincent d’Indy, “Now you see: at long last the public is beginning to understand me”.